Tuesday, April 29, 2008


What I am reading these days - Abhi's blog. His earlier posts are so amateurish. Its fun to see how a blogger evolved from his/her early days to what he/she is at present.

What I am eating these days - Kaju katli and Kachori. Yummy. Have to watch out and try eating my heartful until V comes home, she'd have no problem gobbling all of them up in a day or two.

What I am feeling right now - All those forwarded emails and crap about letting-others-know-what-you-feel-as-you-might-never-get-the-chance-to-do-so-later is all BS. If you miss someone, never tell them so. Makes you feel like you are the silliest person on Planet Earth.

What I should really be doing - Getting back to work and reading a bunch of technical documents.