Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Grad School.....

I would like to recount a funny incident from my grad school.

I am from India and coming to grad school here in the US was a new and different experience. There were so many new things to be learned, many new things to be discovered.
Anyways, classes used to be fun coz we had a whole Indian crowd in our university and it didnt feel any different from classes back home except for the fact that some of the professors were non Indians.

So this one day, my roomie and I were running to class. We were still following IST (ie Indian Standard time) and we meet another friend on the way who is in the same class. She claims to know a shortcut to get us to the classroom sooner so we follow her.

We lose her somewhere in between and end up standing in this big computer lab. We were sure that our friend had come in here so we try to look where she could have gotten out of this lab from. We find an exit and make a hasty run towards it. I open a door and my roomie opens the other and lo... there is some kind of siren ringing. We were glued to the places we were standing, holding both doors open and our breath still. All the people in the lab kept staring at us and we in turn looking at everyone to see what had caused the siren. Two of the lab workers came running towards us, pulled us away from the door and closed it and entered some kind of code into it. It was only then that my roomie and I looked up at the sign on the door which read 'EMERGENCY EXIT ONLY'.

PS - For people wondering where the friend who led the path disappeared, she had just taken the stairs near the lab to get her to class on time. She also kept wondering how we managed to vanish into thin air.