Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Been craving Chai lately. I used to hate tea, was a coffee drinker all along. But somehow, somewhere along the line, I've started loving it. The funny thing is that the craving starts at weird times. In the afternoons at work. At night when I am almost about to fall asleep. In the weekends when I've just finished having one cup. Not that I can not get tea at work but I crave the Elaichi Chai.

Also been thinking how cool it would be to have a windowsill on which I could sit and look out. Look at the rain, look at people, look at the traffic, look at trees, look at the sunrise, look at the sunset.

Living life the easy way,
got your way to let it run,
nothing is as cool as drifting in the sun light,
and taking things the way they come.


Monday, March 10, 2008

Glimpses of Kerala

I wrote this post a few weeks back so please read accordingly.....

Back from a 3 week short vacation in India. The trip was fun but short. The best part was my visit to Kerala, which was after a gap of more than 5 years. I had forgotten how beautiful Kerala is.

Travelled to and fro from Mumbai by train and that was quite an experience in itself. Had some funny and stupid conversations with random people.

Love-to-chat Lady: Which part of US are you in?
Me: California.
Love-to-chat Lady: Is it very cold there?
Me: It does get cold but it's normally above 0 degrees Celsius.
Love-to-chat Lady: So does it like snow over there?
Me: (Pause) No, its almost always above freezing point, so it doesn't snow.

For people who do not know, the train from Mumbai to Kerala passes through a whole of states, used to take around 3 days one way but the Konkan railway has helped cut down that time to half. So as soon as the train crossed into the Kerala border, I got so excited that I started clicking pictures with my digital camera. Maybe I shouldnt have done that. In front of so many people. Maybe they felt it was a show off.

Gujju man: Could I see your camera?
Me: Yea sure.
Gujju man: Its digital?
Me: Yes, it is.
Gujju man: How many megapixels?
Me: 5.1.
Gujju man: Oh, we had one that was 7.2.
Me: Cool.
Gujju man: How much did you get it for?
Me: I got it in a deal for 170$.
Gujju man: We got ours for 400$, you know. It was vairy naaice.
Me: Ok.

Talking about show off, my Dad thought I was a show off coz I acted all clean and whined a few times about certain things.

Dad: What's that on your slippers?
Me: What? Oh no, I got dust all over them. (looking at them and eventually my feet) Oh my god, I've got dirt on my legs too. Yuck, I'll never wear flipflops in India.
Dad: Come on, dont be such a spoiled brat. You've grown up here. You've only been out of the country for 5 years.
Me: (sulking) Hmm.
Aunt (entering room): I cant believe how hot it is in India.
Me: But Aunty, Dubai is hot too. (She'd just come back from visiting her hubby in Dubai for 3 months)
Aunt: Yea it is. But there is AC everywhere you know. I wish they would at least have fans here. It is soooo hot.
Me (looking at Dad smugly who was looking everywhere else but towards me): Yea, they should.

All in all, it was a good trip. Oh but did I mention that it was very short?

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