Saturday, March 25, 2006

Simple pleasures

I was driving home from work yesterday evening. I have this habit, besides others, of observing people (sometimes I stare which I know is impolite) and when I drive, I tend to look in my rearview mirror at the person driving the car behind me. So anyways, I see this really cute guy, who had desi features, but am pretty sure wasnt a desi. He had got his dog in the rear seat. And since we were making a lot more stopovers coz of the traffic on Friday evening, I had all the time to watch what he was upto. This guy had a cup of icecream with him in his car and was happily eating it during the many stops we were having. What really amused me so much was that while I was getting all restless to be braking like a million times on a 10 min drive from my workplace to my home, he was enjoying himself over a simple cup of icecream and trying to make the most of the moment . I guess there is no matching the simple pleasures of life, is there?

Thursday, March 23, 2006

What happens after?

Has anyone ever wondered what happens to our feelings when we do not feel them anymore? Let me elaborate what I mean. I meet a person today and form an impression about that person. So I have a feeling about that person right? Then I get to know him/her and maybe my feeling for that person changes. Lets suppose that when I met X, I did not like her. But when I get to know her, I see that X and I have lots of similar interests and infact I do like her. Maybe she becomes a great friend later on. But what happened to that feeling of 'not liking X' which I had before? Does it just vanish or does it still remain?

According to me, no feeling just evaporates. Infact it remains within us. Each feeling is independent so when we have new feelings, it does not necessarily eat up the other one and replace it. Its just that one feeling exceeds another. So in the case of X, my feeling of 'liking X' just exceeded the one of 'not liking' her.

Ok dont believe me? Take another case. Boy (B) meets Girl (G). Both fall in love. After going around for a while, both fight and B calls G names and vice versa. Now they break up and hate each other. But does the 'love' that existed between them die too? No, I dont think so. Its still there just that at the present moment, the 'hate' between them is greater than the 'love'. So, if tomm B goes and apologises to G and both patch up, the 'love' does not have to be built from start.

So now if this theory of mine is true, then boy oh boy, do we have tons and tons of feelings inside?

PS - I know my post seems crazy and people wont agree with me. But hey, I just wrote down what I feel and you are welcome to agree/disagree with me.

Monday, March 06, 2006


What is the real meaning of independence?
Independence in dictionary terms means the quality of being independent or not being subject to control by others or not relying on something or somebody else. I have heard people say that they are very independent. Is that really true? How can a person not be relying on somebody else? How can a person just exist in this world without following others or helping others or seeking help from others? Every person needs atleast another person in one way or the other. Then is this idea of independence just a word which everyone fancies to use but dare not implement? I am not blaming anybody but just pointing to the fact that nobody can be independent.

Women specially claim nowadays that they do not want to be dependent ..... they exercise this whole issue against men. But then they do not stop and look that they are not becoming independent but in the run just avoiding men and maybe relying more on other women.

Then some other times when I think of the whole issue, I feel that since God created us one at a time, didnt he also mean us to stay alone if there is no one around for support or to lean on? So I guess when situations do arise, each person can live without another. And so when we do have family and friends around to share our happiness and grief, why bother about all this, right?