Saturday, December 10, 2005

My friday night...

I went to this party tonight with people from my work. One of the agencies we hire was throwing out a party. The food was good, drinks were plenty and people were having fun. Atleast until this one guy from the agency got totally drunk and decided to go after all the girls in our team. His first target was X who is tall, pretty, smart and outgoing. She is very independent and aggressive, a kind of girl whom all girls like to be in their lives. He soon realised he had made the wrong choice, after she kind of told him straight on his face that he wasnt being very nice to her. He then went for Y, who is very cute, a little towards the plump side which I must say many guys find attractive. He went way beyond the normal (here by normal, I mean normal in a professional way) limit with her...... touching her and laying his hand on her legs under the table. She ran off for dear life when the guy went to empty himself in the loo.

Now it turned out there was no one sitting near this drunk chap. To make it not look so odd, my manager who was some places away from him called me to sit well not next to the drunk chap but a seat away from him. His thought was that since I am much younger to him, he wouldnt hit on me. Well I wasnt really sure how to take this. I mean was I supposed to feel good that my manager thinks I am pretty young or was I supposed to sulk that he thought that I wasnt good looking enough to be hit on?

Oh sure I am glad that the guy did not approach me. I wasnt born beautiful but god hasnt entirely ignored me either. I get attention from guys and I crib about that but then I wonder is cribbing about attention way better than the lack of it?

Saturday, December 03, 2005

creeper creeper on the wall

I like having plants at home, specially the money plant (atleast that is what we call it back home), maybe a hobby I inherited from my mother. Anyways some days back I got the creeper from someone. I didnt have an extra vase and so put it along with the bamboo shoot I have. Being busy with work, I completely forgot about it till today. I was just replacing the vase with fresh water when I saw how the creeper had made itself home in the vase. Of course since it is a creeper, it requires the support of the bamboo shoot but what fascinated me was the way it was clutching on to the shoot. It reminded me of the manner in which young children hold on to their mothers.

It strangely also reminded me of how we cling to each other for support or even cling to things....... So then I dont understand all the talk men and women keep giving about being independent?