Monday, May 21, 2007

The Fall

Conversation between me and my sister:

(Yes, I know it should be 'my sister and I'. I, like Russell Peters, just think its more cool to say it this way).

Me: Whats up?

V: Ceiling.

Me: PJ.

V: You asked for it.

Me: Hows college?

V: Closed for summer holidays.

Me: Ohk, hows your bff A?

V: She's fine. Poor girl is in pain.

Me: Whats the matter with her?

V: She broke her arm.

Me: Wow, how did she break her arm?

V: Oh she forgot to take her pills so she fell down on the road.

Me: Huh? She fell down because she forgot her pills?

V: Ya, she keeps falling down for no reason every now and then. So she went to the doc. The doc gave her pills so she wouldnt fall.

Me: What?? Are you kidding?

V: No. She was doing fine with the pills. She forgot it the other day and so the accident.

Me: Crazy.

V: Yup.


Thursday, May 10, 2007


Its funny how one email, the same one, can have several different consequences on people. I could sense people’s anxiety, my own nervousness and a lot of emotions this week. And even though I am happy to come out without any adverse effects in this difficult time, I sincerely wish the others, who weren’t so fortunate, luck in their future endeavors.


Do you believe in coincidences? I do. I have been following my friend around for a long time. He has been moving around the country from the time I know him and coincidentally I have been going to the same places after him. It’s really funny because we bid each other goodbye everytime only to find ourselves back partying together again. There’s been a big gap this time but I hope it won’t be for long and he doesn't move elsewhere before I get to that place.


How does one know that they are making the best decision or if the decision they make would turn out in their best interests? When others ask me for advice, I somehow always seem to know what decision might be the best for them. But when it comes to me, I think life is like a statistical distribution with a set of random variables. Maybe what appears random to me may not be random to another person.