Friday, September 22, 2006

Free will

For the past couple of days, my friend and I have been discussing several political issues. I havent yet understood why he discusses it with me given the fact that I am not too fond of the subject. Anyways, my answer to most of the issues, ironically, was 'FREE WILL'. Its free will which makes people act the way they do. I feel, free will, in a way, also defines you coz for every situation in your life, you choose what you want to do or which direction to take. You choose to be a good person or to be a bad person. You choose to be a housewife throwing away that lucrative modeling job. You choose to marry a not so perfect guy who loves you rather than your 'perfect guy' who doesnt care. The more I thought about it, the more convinced I was that we apply free will each and every moment of our life. But is that just my thought? Can free will be applied to any situation?

I met an american couple yesterday who had recently moved in with the girls parents. When asked if they ate dinner together, the girl replied that her parents had dishes assigned for 15 days, so they ate 'A' on day 1, 'B' on day 2 and so on till day 15 and then on day 16, they were back to 'A'. "Do you'll never try anything different?", somebody asked. She replied, "Oh different isnt good. My dad doesnt like to eat anything different at all".

Hmmm, I repeat my question. Is the couple being forced to do something they do not really enjoy doing (specially since they are staying at the parents house)? Or are they really exercising free will here by doing something that would make the parents happy (and not get them kicked out)?

"So much the worse for free will!!!"

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Easy to get along?

I recently realised that being easy to get along with people can be a little difficult. I am a person who can be friends with anyone unless the other person gives me a very bad impression of himself/herself. Agreed I dont talk too much, but I've been told that I am a very good listener and somehow make the other person comfortable. I am fine with this coz I have a fair number of good friends. But I am a little confused now. My good friends, ofcourse mean no harm to me and always think of my well being, have started expecting a lot from me. I know that with closer relations, this 'expectation' does come into picture but people do not realise that this is also the cause of a relationship going sour. Now each of my good friends expects me to behave in a certain way or do something in a certain way. I suddenly feel pressurized because I know if I do a certain thing 'A' way, 'X' would not like it but if I do it 'B' way, 'X' would like it but 'Y' would not. I understand each person's point of view but am I doing things 'MY' way? Looks like being easy to get along with others is not allowing me to get along easily with myself.

PS - For all my good friends reading this post, please do not take me in a negative way. I appreciate and value your friendship. This is just a debate that I am having with myself, both sides weighing strong.