Sunday, December 16, 2007

Random Rambling

Me: What'd you do in the weekend?
B: I met my high school friend over the weekend. He has lost around 60 pounds.
Me: Wow. 60 pounds? Thats a lot. What did he do?
B: He just stopped eating food. He gave me a list of instructions , I don't think I'd be able to follow them.
Me: Why?
B: I cant just stop eating food.
Me: Yea. You dont have to stop eating, just watch what you eat.
And I started blabbering a little about how rice makes a difference or something.
B: You, you don't say anything about food and diet.
Me: Why not?
B: Well, you are just 2D. Thats why.


At noon my time (2pm for V).
Me: Did you go check on it?
V: No I just got up half an hour back. I am lunching right now. Will go check in 5 minutes.
Me: Ok. Call me when done.
V: Sure.
An hour and 20 minutes later.
V: Hey, I got the stuff.
Me: 5 minutes, eh?
V: Hee.
Me: Sigh. Student life!!


R: I look really sexy today.
Me: Ahem. You just claim that about yourself, ha?
R: Well, I've jelled my hair and I am wearing this new sweater that looks fab on me.
Me: Yea? Nice.
R: Yup, I was feeling sexy right from the time I got out of the shower today. That's when I thought I would make all these extra efforts.
Me (thinking to myself): Why me? Why me? God. Why me?


i: You complain too much.
Me: Yea, I know.
i: You complain so much that you complain in my dream too.
Me: Noooo, thats not my fault.
i: It is.


Friday, December 14, 2007


I am afraid.
I end up doing the things,
that I don't want to do,
that I shouldn't do.

Does this happen to everyone?
Or am I the only one with OCD?

I am afraid,
that I will lose all the good things in life,
that I will lose everything.

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Remember this post where I cribbed about change? Yea, here I am going to refute my own post.

So things have been constant for a while. I am at the same place from sometime and know that I will be here in the coming few months. Work hasn't been really hectic. I know what I am supposed to do and being the complete-the-work-well-before-the-deadline type, I have quite some time on my hands. Yup, life is boring. And the holiday season does not make it better either. Everyone is busy planning their vacation. I get more than one out of office reply every day. Plus wherever I go to, there is this huge christmas tree emphasizing my insignificance and total uselessness. I dont like them trees, when I am alone.

God, I need a change real bad. No no, not the kind that would plunge me into desperation and woebegoneness. I need just a tiny miny change to spice up my life a little.

Anyways, I decided to make a random list of things I've always wanted to do/learn/see/places I wanted to go to/people I want to meet. I know its a little early for New Year resolutions (not that these are resolutions exactly) but maybe the extra days would help me do atleast one by next year end. Bummer.

Adopt*. Andre Agassi. Basketball. Brad Pitt. Charity. Dance**. Dwyane Wade. David Beckham. Europe. Flying***. Guitar. Hitler****. Ice skating. Idealist philosophy. Johnny Depp. Kobe Bryant. Kapil Dev. Kickboxing. Learn a new language. Macros. Nia. Osho****. PhD. Prince William. Quit cribbing. Run a marathon. Surfing. Stewie Griffin****. Sachin Tendulkar. Steffi Graf. Time machine. UFO*****. Voldemort****. Work out regularly. Write******. Xbox. Yaadon ki Baaraat*******. Yamin Elliot********. Zen.

* Its not only children one can adopt. One can adopt animals too. Or even a highway.
** Any kind would do. Right now, Hula seems pretty interesting.
*** airplanes, helicopters, kites.
**** Cant meet these people, but couldnt resist including them in the list.
***** Maybe I could leave cookies and milk outside to lure the aliens.
****** I miss writing in a diary. I should try Livejournal or Online Diary.
******* Have always wanted to see this movie, maybe next year.
******** Remember the cute American Idol finalist? I sooo wanted him to win.

Waah, who am I kidding? I should stop misleading myself.