Friday, July 21, 2006


Recently, in the course of conversation, my friend told me that I am very naive. I was angry, well not because he did not call me cute or sweet but because knowingly/unknowingly what he said was right. Now when I say I am naive, it does not mean that if you show me a pumpkin and tell me it is an orange, I would believe it. I am naive coz I expect or believe in things which cannot be. I believe in fairy tales and happy endings. I believe that this world could be a much better place if we all try. It could be, if we just stop judging other people, do small deeds of kindness, think about the other person 1/10th of the amount we think about ourselves.

About the happy ending, ya maybe in the end (which is not now), everything would be good and I would be happy. Well definitely possible, only that the path leading to it sucks.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Ma knows All...

One of my weekend practices is to call up home. So come Saturday morning, I ring up home, talk to my sis and then she hands over the phone to my mom. I had just uttered a hello when she started asking me what was wrong with my health, that my voice sounded as if I was ill and not in the best of conditions. Well, I was perfectly fine then and had no inkling of what lay in store for me. During the course of conversation, she came up with the topic a couple more times until she was convinced that I was allright. Well all said and done, an hour after my India call, I realised my body felt warm to my touch and my handy digital thermometer told me that I had high fever. Bodyache, headache and heavy headedness followed shortly and before I knew it, I was in bed.

I dont want to tell the latter part of the story but I am still amazed at how my mom caught wind of the oncoming fever that I was going to catch. As I lay in bed, burning with fever yet shivering, aching all over, I might have called out "Amma" like a zillion times.

Mother child relationship, very strange, eh? Very difficult to fathom.